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About Us

About Us

Deep Sea Innovations LLC was founded in 2011.  Its origin came about with the creation and development of the DSI Intensifier Valve(TM) technology in 2010. The DSI Intensifier Valve(TM) technology was developed as a solution to prevent in the future,  economic and environmental disasters from deep water oil leaks, such as experienced in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.  


Over thirty years of experience in innovating and developing pressurized vessels, with a predecessor company to Deep Sea Innovations LLC, provided the needed insight to bringing such an important innovative technology for protecting the oil and gas fields of the world from the economic and ecological disaster from a leak. 


The solutions now brought forward by Deep Sea Innovations LLC, with its rich history of knowledge in the pressurized vessel industry, will protect each well owner from an environmental disaster that could occur and the resulting economic disaster that would be imposed should one or multiple wells leak at the same time whether caused by forces of nature, man or otherwise.


  • Candidate for the 2015 Meritorious Award for Engineering Innovation



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