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deep sea oil well platform
deep sea oil well platform
deep sea oil well platform
deep sea oil well platform
deep sea oil well platform
Deep Sea Innovations LLC Solutions


Our patented DSI INTENSIFIER VALVE™ technology provides reliable and safe underwater and on land oil and gas well exploration, production and capping.  In response to the 2010 Gulf of Mexico well incident, this device was originally developed to quickly and easily close and reopen a leak source outlet in a deep or shallow water environment.  The valve is compact and adaptable to close different configurations of outlets including failed blowout preventers, H4 connectors, other leak source outlets, etc.


Deep Sea Innovations DSI INTENSIFIER VALVE™ has been analyzed with Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) techniques such that the valve can be successfully guided to a leak source outlet through a 5000 gallon per minute leak flow in order to close an emergency disaster leak.  This analysis is accessible on our PRODUCTS page along with a guide to the analysis.  The valve's scalable closure force can close relatively low well pressures to higher well pressures of 30,000 psi and greater as needed.  


The DSI INTENSIFIER VALVE™ should be standard operating equipment for each well particularly positioned in a water environment.  The valve services all three phases in the life of a well: exploration, production and capping.

  1. The valve should be at the site during exploration, should a disaster occur, whether of manmade sources, intentional or otherwise, the valve can be used to quickly close the leak source outlet of the well.

  2. Once the well is in production, the valve can be placed in connection with the well to provide a reliable control valve which can be opened, closed and re-opened as needed and at the same time provide security for the well from an occurrence of an event that would otherwise cause a leak to occur.

  3. Finally, the operator can utilize the valve as a well cap when production has stopped either temporarily or permanently and can provide cementing operations through the valve as needed.


The valve operates wells positioned at any depth in the water thus providing safety against an oil or gas leak on wells positioned in very shallow or very deep waters (surface to 30,000 feet).  The valve has the versatility to be powered and operate selectively with ambient water pressure, line hydraulic pressure or accumulator hydraulic pressure.


A well that employs this technology can, for example, at the time of an emergency event during exploration, be closed quickly with a very high level of reliability without imparting damage to the well.  The well, in turn, can later be easily re-opened. With the valve placed on line for production, the valve can also be used to control production and provide well security.


With a quick response, the operator has the ability to control an environmental risk at the time of a disaster.  The potential liability exposure and the relevant insurance costs and/or spill containment programs, would be dramatically reduced or virtually eliminated.  At the same time, the need to drill expensive kill wells and an additional cost of installing a replacement well could be also eliminated.  This valve will provide many cost savings to the industry in exploration as well as savings and security in production.  The valve will eliminate any concerns of closing deep or shallow leaks as well as eliminate any concerns of leaks which may occur at different sites at the same time.

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